Our Mission

Inspired by Aliyah, the mission of Aliyah's Inspired Moments, AIM2Cure, is to increase awareness of childhood cancer, educate the community and to raise funds for research and family support, so that new treatments and a cure for childhood cancers can be found, while helping families that are fighting this devastating disease.  As Aliyah fought leukemia and lived her life with spunk, commitment, love of her family and friends, and her positive attitude, AIM2Cure will serve to reflect these qualities as it continues Aliyah's fight against childhood cancer.  


What We've Achieved

We have donated over $35,000 to support pediatric cancer research and patient family support at Children's Hospitals of Denver and Omaha and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

AIM2Cure has helped many children and their families while fighting the battle of childhood cancer!
— Regina Siddiqui