Facts about Cancer...

  1. Childhood cancer is responsible for killing more children and teenagers every year than any other disease.
  2. Each day in the U.S., more than a classroom of kids will be diagnosed with cancer, or about 36 children and one in four of these children will die.
  3. Common adult cancers are extremely rare in children, yet many cancers are almost exclusively found in children.
  4. Only one new drug in the past 20 years has been approved by the FDA for childhood cancer, yet the incidence of invasive pediatric cancers is up 29%. 
  5. Childhood cancer occurs regularly and randomly, attacking all ethnic groups and socioeconomic classes.  In the United States, cancer diagnoses are increasing in teens and young adults faster than any other age group with the exception of adults over 65 years old.  
  6. Children under 10 years old with Down Syndrome are 18 times more likely to get leukemia than the general population.
  7. Children with Down Syndrome are at a greater risk for infections due to a compromised immune system and death related to the toxicity of the treatment.