Regina Siddiqui

Regina went to college at Northeastern Jr. College in Sterling CO, and completed her BA degree in Special Education at the University Of Nebraska at Kearney. While going to school, Regina worked at a group home with 6 adult men with mental and physical needs. That same year, 1992, Regina married Saeed Siddiqui. Early in her career, Regina taught elementary and high school students along with young adults with a range of special needs and behavior issues. Before Regina and Saeed started their family, the couple moved to Karchi, Pakistan. This was an experience of a lifetime for Regina, to live in and see first hand the country where her new husband grew up. While in Pakistan, Regina taught a regular education classroom of third graders and the young couple started their family. Their oldest son, Mikail, was born in Pakistan.

Teaching and traveling was fulfilling, enjoyable and memorable. The family was now in Iowa and two more children were born. A daughter Aliyah, and a son Kadin, making it a happy healthy family of five. Although not in the school system anymore, having three children and the title "mom" means that there are numerous teachable moments everyday. Maybe more so in their household, as the second child, their little girl Aliyah, was born with Down Syndrome.

After living across the midwest building a family, Saeed's career path brought them to Castle Rock, CO, and they have called it home for 8 years. The first year here was like any other family arriving new to an area, they were excited to meet the neighbors, do the yard and start a new school. Life took a scary turn on April 16, 2005, when Aliyah was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). The next 5 1/2 years, Regina was dedicated to the health and happiness of her whole family. She followed the passions of her family in Aliyah’s love of cooking and crafting and also the boys commitment to soccer, which lead her to become actively involved in the DCHS Soccer Booster Club. Regina has started a business of her own, Rally, creating customized, hand stamped jewelry. A portion of the proceeds from this business goes to childhood cancer research and supports funding for the soccer teams. While Regina was looking into Foundations to donate funds from Rally, she discovered that research for childhood cancer was lacking. This led to the beginning of Aliyah Inspired Moments, AIM2Cure. As President of the AIM2Cure Board, Regina enjoys doing community outreach through public speaking engagements, sharing her experiences and increasing awareness for this cause.

“There were many difficult times over the last 5 plus years. Aliyah ran out of time before a cure could be found, but I try to remember and draw strength from the special times. These moments, big and small, have made a forever impression on my heart. Sharing these “moments” through AIM2Cure will help raise awareness and funds for the medical research that is so needed for our kids.”


Saeed Siddiqui

Saeed was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. He is the third of four boys; and as you can imagine, he always got in trouble growing up. His parents and three brothers reside here in the U.S.

He finished his Bachelor’s degree in Science and Masters in Arts from Pakistan and he also received his MBA from the University of Nebraska. Saeed served as the Director of International Students Services for the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The next 7 years he spent employed by Johnson & Johnson (Jansen International). He has had extensive experience working in pharmaceutical sales and pharmaceutical sales/marketing management. Saeed has been employed with AstraZeneca for over 10 years. Saeed is a supporter of the Special Olympics and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). He shares the love of soccer with his boys and has been given the opportunity to coach some of their teams.

Saeed and Regina were introduced by family while going to college in Kearney, Nebraska, and the rest is history. Soon after their marriage, they moved to Pakistan as Saeed accepted a position with Johnson & Johnson. After a 2 year stay, and soon after the birth of their oldest son, Mikail, they moved back to the U.S. and started their family life. Saeed's career moved them from Nebraska to Iowa, then to Illinois and finally, here in Denver. Along the way, Aliyah and Kadin were born in 1998 and 2001, respectively. It was on April 16, 2005, when Aliyah was diagnosed with leukemia. She fought this ugly disease head on every day until July 9th, 2010. Aliyah lost her battle to cancer on that day. Her passion for life and her fun loving spirit through that entire illness period was uplifting and motivational.

From Aliyah’s initial diagnosis, and during her 5 year battle, Saeed and the family have seen the various stages of this disease and the devastation it can cause. As a result, the AIM2Cure Foundation’s mission to enhance the focus on childhood cancer research and awareness is very personal. With the recent advancements in medicine and diagnostics, we cannot allow this to happen to children any longer. Aliyah’s passion for life energizes Saeed. He hopes family, friends and the community will join in this fight against childhood cancer and carry on Aliyah‘s battle. Saeed firmly believes that if we can change the course of childhood cancer, even for one child, it is worth the fight.


Andrea Bunker-Marrese

An independent Real Estate Agent who works for Brokers Guild Real Estate. Andrea has 25 years in the Real Estate field, including mortgage background and title company experience, among others. She is a member of the Douglas Elbert Realtor Association Board. Outside of staying busy with Real Estate, Andrea also serves on the Board for Aim2Cure. Andrea has developed an interest in helping others and being involved in the community no matter how large or small with a commitment to promoting personal and business practices based on trust, integrity and respect.
Her outgoing personality, ability to learn and dedication to give has taken her to high levels of success not only in her professional life but also in her personal life as well. Some of Andrea's biggest accomplishments include organizing the “Walk4Aliyah”, summer of 2010, two platinum and one gold awards for high sales in years 2005, 2004, 2003 for sales in the amount 58 million dollars and a 1999 award for highest profit contribution.
Andrea’s dedication and commitment to serve on the AIM2Cure Board is to help educate the public on childhood cancer. She believes that “together we can make things happen”! When everyone works with others, we can show how one’s personal life can be enhanced by group participation. Each child deserves a full lifetime of happiness and no donation of time or monetary funds is too small for success! Andrea is married, has a daughter, a step daughter and has lived in the Sapphire Pointe Community for the last seven years in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Julie Witonsky

Julie is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family Studies and Human Development. Julie has worked with various organizations enriching the lives of families in need. In addition to this experience, she has coordinated special events and fundraisiers benefiting Children's Hospital of Denver, Reeces Roundup, and Susan G. Komen. Currently, she is a Certified Independent Consultant for Scentsy Inc. and works at Academy Charter School. Her 20 years of special events and marketing background has motivated her to become involved with the AIM2Cure team.

"My personal story involves having a child facing medical challenges the first 6 years of his life. After seeing 33 doctors try to find a diagnosis for our son, we finally discovered an immune system problem that was effectively treated with interferon gamma. Because of this trial, it inspired me to want to minister to other families struggling with various health issues."

"The Siddiqui family and our family have developed a very close relationship over the years. Being a part of Aliyah's life has truly been a blessing to us. It reminds us to live every moment to the fullest and always have a positive attitude."

Julie and her husband reside in Castle Rock, CO and have four children ranging in ages from 13 years to 1 year old. The Witonsky Family are members of the Plum Creek Community Church and enjoy doing volunteer work in the community. Julie stays busy supporting her childrens' various sports teams including soccer, competitve baseball, and football. Currently employed with the Academy Charter School, she continues with her passion of working with children.


Amy Doyle

Amy graduated from Iowa State University with a BBA in Marketing and has worked for 20 years in various positions in the Insurance Industry. Her experience within that field includes everything from handling claims, sales, agency work and managing insurance programs for a Texas hospital. Having worked on all sides of the medical insurance arena has given her a broad perspective and empathy for all participants in the system.

"With that understanding, it has driven me to be compassionate towards all health issues that people face. When I met Aliyah 6 years ago, I was immediately smitten with her positive attitude in the face of such a devastating disease. When an opportunity presented itself to become a part of a team that is dedicating their time and talents toward a cure for childhood cancer, I was honored and eager to join!"

"Aliyah Inspired Moments is really about giving more 'moments' and memories to all families that are fighting this disease and remembering that these 'moments' are what make life worth living!"

Amy's volunteer work has included the Texas Arthritis Foundation, Literacy Volunteers of America, Public School districts, and various church and community projects. After recently completing mediation training, she facilitates mediations through the Better Business Bureau. Amy currently resides in Elizabeth, CO with her husband and daughter, along with her extended family of 2 horses and 2 dogs.


Jenifer Linder

Jenifer Linder came to the AIM2Cure Foundation through her personal relationship with the Siddiqui family when they both moved into the same neighborhood in Castle Rock, CO. Regina was in need of a Pediatrician for her children having just moved to Colorado from Iowa, Jenifer's home state. They hit it off immediately. Jenifer and Regina's paths would cross again at Children's hospital when both their children were experiencing similar symptoms of pain in their legs. Both children had similar tests run but with drastically different results. Jen's son was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Aliyah was diagnosed with Leukemia. Throughout Aliyah's battle with this horrific disease, Jenifer has always been reminded that the roles could have been reversed and just how precious and fragile life is. Always willing to be of service in any capacity that the Siddiqui's needed, Jenifer and Regina developed a very special relationship. Inspired by the strength and courage of the Siddiqui family, Jenifer was honored when she was asked to serve on the Board of Directors for AIM2Cure.

Jenifer comes to the Board with a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Northern Colorado, and a Paralegal Degree from Denver Paralegal. In addition, she has a degree in Residential Interior Design from the Art Institute of Colorado. She currently works for Decor & You, a local interior design firm, where she acts as Operations Manager and Sr. Designer. The experience Jenifer brings to the Board in managing firm as well as her interpersonal skills and passion for children is invaluable in serving AIM2Cure.

Jenifer is happily married and lives in Castle Rock with her 3 wonderful sons and 2 very spoiled dogs.